Overwatch League Graphics Package

Blizzard and Stoke Foundry approached StarBeast to create a graphics package for the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. We are gamers who love esports, so we were psyched!  This work is showcased on the GIANT screens at the Blizzard esports arena in Burbank.

Blizzard needed 12 pieces of custom motion graphics for every game day of the 20-week Overwatch League season.  That’s 240 customizable motion graphics! Working with Stoke Foundry and Blizzard, StarBeast created a content delivery system that was efficient and adaptable for each match.  It was beyond exciting to contribute design direction and execution on such a large volume of content for Overwatch’s esports inaugural season!

For the 2018 Overwatch League Grand Finals, working with Stoke Foundry, StarBeast produced the opening film that kicked off Day 1 of Finals. The opening film narrated by  K Williams was seen live in the Barclay Center and broadcasted around the globe to esports fans on ESPN, Disney, ABC and other popular channels. Four versions of the film were created each designed for the unique aspect ratios of each screen in the esports arena, the largest screen being 15k pixels wide.

Here’s how we helped Blizzard and Overwatch League bring their vision to life!


  • Blizzard needed to create a premium quality graphics package for the inaugural esports season of the Overwatch League.
  • The graphics would appear in the Blizzard Arena as well as accompany the online shoulder content.


  • We got to play on BIG screens. We love the technical challenge of big screens.
  • We are able to contribute to the inaugural season of an esports league we believe in!
  • We got to create and manage a reliable content delivery system for Stoke Foundry and Blizzard–we love making our clients lives easier.