Little Kaiju

Short Film

Twin and StarBeast went viral when they brought to life this endearing, entirely CG character who explored the streets of Tokyo and found his way to the Yahoo homepage.

With CGI and VFX, we created a captivating short film meant to capture audiences imaginations with the magic of the streets of Tokyo when you pull back the curtain a bit…

Here’s how we collaborated with Twin to bring this vision to life!

Making Of


  • Take a beloved character from a past commercial and bring him to life in a captivating short film
  • Bring to life a passion project


  • Created a vinyl toy inspired creature that lives in a vending machine in Tokyo? uhh yes please!
  • Were able to bring a character to life through pure animation, no dialogue.

Pixie Award Platinum, Animation 2013

Pixie Award Platinum, VFX 2013

Writer/Director: TWiN (Jonathan & Josh Baker)
Lead Actor: Tei Ryushin
Producer (Japan): Sayaka Ito
Editor: Ben Suenaga
Rabbit Animation.
Animation Direction: Nick Losq
Lead CG: Chris Clyne
Character Rigging: Kiel Figgins
Animation: Jeremy Chapman, Nick Losq, Chris Clyne, Christina Lee, Eugene Kim
Compositing: Nick Losq, Chris Clyne, Sam Cividanis
Character Design: Morten Rowley, supervixen.net
Music Composer: Jack Milas, nylonstudios.com
Music EP: Mark Beckhaus
Sound Design: Joseph Fraioli, jafboxsound.com
Colorist: Tom Poole
Special thanks to Douglas Howell, Eric Filler and Joby Barnhart @ rabbitcontent.com