The Ferryman

Short Film

StarBeast artists take you on a dark and mysterious journey beyond this world, in this short film based on the 70s sci fi pulp comic series, Lone Sloane.

We showcase dazzling design and VFX, in this Sci-fi story with elements of augmented reality.

Here’s how we brought our own creative vision to life!


  • Re-imagine the 70s sci fi pulp comic, Lone Sloane, that so inspired Nick as a child.
  • Create an emotional journey in the form of a short story
  • Engage in “World Building,” or designing and constructing a new universe for our characters and story. Think Marvel or Star Wars. A world that could stretch beyond the short film and potentially into a TV series or feature film.

Why We Loved This Project

  • Relieved inspirations of the 70s sci fi pulp comics
  • Watched a 4-year passion project come to life
  • Worked with amazing talent: Nevin Milan and Anna Trebunskaya
  • Stretched our CG muscles and creativity by making an entire CG world from minimal practical elements: 1 actor, a green screen and 3 props.



Nick Losq (director), Chris Clyne (Technical Director / VFX Supervisor)